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My girls have just started the school tonight and my goodness I could burst with pride! My eldest is quite water confident but youngest isn't, she didn't even want to get into the water, she was clinging onto the railings and I really didn't think she would let go, she looked so sad like she wanted to cry. After 5 minute's in the water with encouragement from jenn she turned into a little water baby!! Happy, smiling and really enjoying herself! I can't thank you enough, they didn't get out half as much in a full term at another swim school as what they have in one lesson with yourselves tonight!

Julie is a lovely lady and a brilliant teacher. She is very encouraging with the children and has such a lovely nature with even the most nervous of children. My daughter cried and cried on her first lesson but Julie was quick to reassure her and now her confidence is growing and she feels so comfortable around her and We have already seen a difference in how she is in the water. Recommend Julie to anyone

My little girls first lesson this afternoon and she loved it, she even put her face in the water voluntarily, something she has never done before. I was a very proud mummy. The teacher was lovely with all the children and my daughter cant wait to go back next week

My child has enjoyed her lessons with Julies Swim School, having previously tried lessons elsewhere we knew we needed someone who had an understanding of kids not just swimming as we know our child doesn't have the greatest attention span and she needed someone to keep her on her toes - Julie certainly does that. As well as being a great teacher it's nice to be able to communicate directly with our childs instructor if we have any questions or concerns.

Would highly recommend Julie's swim school to anybody!! Julie is a fab instructor who has a lot of time and energy for the children whether they are confident in the water or not, she makes the lessons enjoyable for all! My son was terrified of water before beginning his lessons with Julie, I have seen a huge change in him over a short period of time, I am really proud and thankful!

Just had to write a review after our lesson tonight! Jessica is 18mths old and some weeks she just doesn't want to do things, with julies patience and fab teaching techniques, Jess was kicking loads and nearly lying on her back like a star fish!! Im so proud and cant imagine what she will be doing at the end of term! A massive thank u Julie

Julie is fantastic! My son couldn't wash his hair without crying he had a fear of water going into his ears, his water confidence has grown MASSIVELY since doing the Summer Crash Course. He is now doing weekly lessons, he loves it and is coming on treat. Highly recommended! Thank you Julie

My little girl goes on a weekly basis, before she started she hated her face been wet, now she's grown in confidence and nows puts most of it under the water. Thanks to julie and the team she is coming on great! And she loves coming :)

We were trying out a new swimming class yesterday and I am OVER THE MOON with the instructors. We have previously tried a few highly recommended ones and were always disappointed with the treatment, class quality etc. This one - we are all hugely impressed with. The boys LOVED it; they love the instructors, the way they spoke to them, the way they treated them... If you want your child to learn how to swim, be happy learning and feel respected, this really is the place to go


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