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"Julie's Swim School North East aim to provide private sector professionalism at a public sector price, we thrive on giving children the best aquatic experience they can have, resulting in fun yet effective learning"


Children attending Julie's Swim School will learn to swim following the "ASA Learn to Swim Framework". First comes the "Foundation Framework" which is suitable for children from birth right through to those confident enough to enter stage 1, these levels promote early water confidence, basic motor skills and is also linked to the Early Years Foundation Curriculum for child development. Each of the "Duckling" awards has 6 aquatic outcomes and a certificate and badge will be available to purchase upon completion.

click here to download the Duckling criteria


"Babies can go swimming from any age, both before and after they have been vaccinated. Some people still believe you can not, however, this advice dates back to when polio was common and people were concerned it could spread in busy places like public swimming pools. There hasn't been a case of polio reported in the UK for over 10 years. The department of Health recommends that you can take your baby swimming from a very young age. there is no need to wait until they have been vaccinated".. read more

(Info taken from NHS Website)


Following on from the foundation framework is the "ASA Learn To Swim Pathway" The National Syllabus for Learn to swim aquatic development. it includes stages 1-7 and a list of progressive outcomes for each stage to help swimmers develop the right skills to become confident and competent swimmers. Stages 1-7 have been available as part of the British Gas ASA Learn To Swim Pathway since 2007.

Each stage has a number of aquatic outcomes and a certificate and badge will be available to purchase upon completion.

Click here to download the Pathway Criteria


To learn to swim the fun way simply download a registration form 

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